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Owned by Paul McCartney, Bert Lahr, Betty Grable, and Harry James

What do all the stars in the title above have in common? They all owned this beautiful mansion in Beverly Hills at one time or another. The 1.3 acre property has a gated entryway and features some incredible luxury amenities such as a full sized guest house, a game room, a movie theater, and a bowling alley. See more amazing photos of this house on the AJC website.


Simon Cowell’s Palace in Beverly Hills

Former American Idol judge and the creator of the X-Factor, Simon Cowell is selling his home in Beverly Hills. With 2 acres of real estate, this 12,000 square foot home is worth singing about. The price has been set to just under $18 M and there have already been some reported buyers interested. With 7 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a wet bar, and a wine vault, this palace is being called “the ultimate bachelor pad,” by Celebrity House Pictures.


Former Baseball Star Sells Beverly Hills Home

This former baseball player is known for his controversial involvement in a government investigation where he lied about taking steroids. Barry Bonds sold this opulent and expansive home for a cheap $22 million. The property has over 17,000 square feet of living space which is sitting on 1.85 acres of beautiful, Beverly Hills real estate. Made for entertaining, the home has seven bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. To see over a dozen photos of this incredible house, visit Celebrity House Pictures.


Ashley Greene Buys In Beverly Hills

This young actress, best known for her supporting role in the Twilight movies, has recently purchased a home in Beverly Hills. The star had been living in West Hollywood until an unattended candle caught fire and caused serious damage to the building. The new home has everything from a dry sauna to a fireplace. Read the full story about how Greene may have caused the fire in her old apartment building at

ashley greene

Halle Berry’s Cozy Cottage

This home in Beverly Hills is only 2-bedrooms, 2-baths, which is small by Hollywood’s standards, but Halle Berry purchased it for $2.275 million back in 2001. The beautiful little home has a lush, green garden and some great details such as detailed custom-made ironwork. Hooked on Houses has additional pictures and divulges the details on Halle Berry’s decision to sell this property.